A systems approach to turbulence, with scalar transport, buoyancy effects and possible confinement

This workshop is in line with the previous one, co-organized by Pierre Sagaut and Claude Cambon in the same place, similar conditions, last year. Transport of passive scalar by an isotropic velocity field has been extensively studied. What happens when the velocity flow is rendered anisotropic by various effects, as mean shear and mean stratification, is not well known; triadic closures, with quantitative comparisons to high resolution DNS’s, are well suited for a systems approach to such anisotropic turbulence. In addition, it is informative to compare the passive scalar and the active one, such as the density, temperature or concentration fluctuation with a feedback to fluctuating velocity via buoyancy effects.


du lundi 4 mai 2015 au mardi 5 mai 2015


Institut Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, UPMC, Paris


Monday 4/5

Tuesday 51/5